It senses my murder
crawls faster
giggling teenage girls on the pavement
as if all is normal… no violation
as I rise
swinging Sex and Death
like a man afraid of both

Earlier, calmly reading
nerves steady
until couchward it comes disrupting
over the top
like oncoming traffic
blindly cresting a winding hill
Zroooo… right by
a flash sweat near hit
and hit is what I must
panic reactor
jumping up
pumping down
all adrenalin and excitement
I wipe its bug-nourished guts
off Spalding’s face
using an old receipt from CVS store #6976
and as his face comes clean
I can’t help but feel
Mr. Gray always knew it
would happen this way
to the age 14


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One Response to “‘nid”

  1. Spencer Anderson Says:

    Good one killer.

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