Beware the way lit for you
large blinking neon arrows
wash your path in red light
directing life like traffic
guiding decisions like a Skinner box
choice was never
but that what was chosen for you
culture, religion, brand of toothpaste
put on a track
greased and maintained
word after word, hand picked
by strange hands
it’s easy and appeasing
when in the river
to go with the flow
bend like a reed in the current
not to spit into the wind
all those things you’re told
to do
not to do
to do, not to do, to do, not to do, to do
whichever route is smoothest
kicks up not as much blinding dust
to cause you to lose your way
wander astray
come to your conclusions
live your own life
not the one chosen
by parents, by community, God and country
by the enemy lighting your way


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