Buzz of the Universe

graves filled in
melodies of sweet decay
whistle and hum
long past the memory of a man
music has its own life
not living, per se,
to be sure
it is dead but not stilled
vibrating vibrant and full
capable of shattering glass
shaking down mountains
it will bury us all
in its own metronomic time
ticking off the seconds of our hours
be not afraid
the delight of your ears today
is the influence of many tomorrows
the dance, the sweat, the move
the feeling, the beating, the shouting
all of a continuance
a constant flow of rhythm
of notes
shuffling feet
banging heads
our years are hymns
we sing them
we sing those of others
of the resonance of Earth
of the background buzz of the universe
one song born into us all
of us all
repeating through generations
odes to joy and so much more


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