The Sanity of Lemmings

Estranged by density
from their own kind
own place
rodentia on the move
escape, the best in sanity
to move
creeping under crystals’ cover
out of sight is the way to be
concealment is sanity
subnivean solitude among the masses
but when those masses are too massive
lemmings splinter – lemmings take flight
it’s a risk, a mass suicide gamble
the question is, “Do cowards run or stay?”
breaking snow cover
out of the trenches and onto the battlefield
exposed to nature’s senseless predation
a movable feast for fox and hawk
the great lemming diaspora is on
a time of wonderfully dark dreaming
distant horizons
fancy new grasses
it’s a dash of hope
and you are one of them
one in the herd
cackling madly in the hell-bent crowd
seeking new pastures of quiet grazing
you run, you leap, you swim
you are swept away
your dash of hope
dashed upon the swift current rocks
and still
you are not alone
one of hundreds who did not make it
a bad decision of group-think
but who can blame the crowd
for hope
for want of change
for finding themselves
in the hundreds
the thousands
millions dead
and the question remains
“Do cowards run or stay?”
The answer is in the sanity of lemmings.


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