Culture for Cattle

Culture is history
glorified traditions of past barbarisms
it is a trap for the mind
a prison of ritual and habit
the movements of ancestors
handed down the generations
like heart disease or sickle cell anemia
a defect kept alive through breeding
from parent to child
the dress, the steps, the words
are taught
from the ground floor up
individuality, family, tribe, nation
it is all festering anthrax
a sickness of cattle
hiding under the banner of culture
your culture
which you are to be proud of
your people and their accomplishments
what is it to you
you –– the grand culmination of their works
sucking a can of cola
staring into the screen of a mobile device
tapping out letters like a slow monkey
and the smiley fucking wink faces
but don’t get me wrong
when you celebrate your culture
throwing your Cinco de Mayos
your Thanksgivings, your Saint Patrick’s Days
I’ll be there partaking
eating and drinking and thinking
what a triumph of shit


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