Safety Rules

And he said to me
“with whites like you
who needs niggers?”
that’s how they are
when they hide out
in their online anonymity
safe beyond the miles of cable
civil warriors
firing no guns, losing no life
no limb
a sacrifice of nothing
fingers tap-tapping alphabetical keys
never stimulating the trigger
to a multiple orgasm of lead
hot and to the heart
kept locked behind dead-bolted doors
wired, alarmed, protected
the home
is the hole to where
the frightened Dixie dogs run
they say
the south will rise again
and it does
on message boards, forums and comment threads
dens of cowards
in fear of state abuses of power
yet salivating for government torture
of the enemy combatant
a boogeyman in the soup
blowing bubbling cream of broccoli raspberries
at decent hard-working Caucasian Christians
who can never be terrorists
because the definition is tightly rightly controlled
brown and Muslim
no others to Gitmo need apply
perfectly acceptable extra-legal justice
they’re in love with it
a 5 star hotel of enhanced interrogation
noodles Jefferson and green bologna Hamilton
all totally justified
not at all remotely a bad precedent
except when there’s a black president
the dark reflection in their projectable nightmares
of constitution trampling, death panels
FEMA concentration camps, Sharia law
and bible confiscation
the endless terrors of the powerful fed
by that which they are endlessly terrified
because these monsters know
just exactly
what the fuck they would do
if the American voters
are ever fools enough
to give them power on the national stage
ever again
their fears are what they are
a mirror held up
all that hateful anger
staring back into their ugly wingnut faces
with Americans like them
who needs foreign wars


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