Al Qaedahol

Al Qaeda; Blackwater
same shit different pay
I’m thinking about days to come
for those days I hope
the people living then
even if this poem
would be something they could read
that they won’t understand it
none amongst them
except maybe or perhaps history majors
would know what the fuck
al qaeda from alcohol
blackwater from diarrhea
all these great concerns of my time
may dissolve like Alka Seltzer
or Al Qae-seltzer
in water, black or clear
in the future – clear – it ain’t
but this petty bullshit
apes waging wars
may it end
may new apes and new wars rise
assume the throne; the cause
freedom vs. submission
the fight knows no conclusion
names change and places round robin
and I – I think about it
and wish, concerned – oh so…
but I don’t understand it


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