This is financial fascism
a culture of shareholders
who rule over and dictate law
cry foul at all attempts
at government regulation
a freedom of cash
everything is for sale
for enough of it

don’t believe it?

go to a prison
take a survey
ask the inmates
what they were making
on the outside
I won’t hold my breath
for you to find
a six figure man

that’s the stack
and how it’s rigged
by that notorious 1%
of whom I’m sure you’ve heard
they are the animals
the angry dogs unwilling
to part
with even a single bone
from the carcass of American capitalism
they have so busily stripped clean
of any remaining flesh
for the rest of us
no nourishment is left
this is the system that they find to be
just fine
greatest nation on Earth
that’s their line
and the suckers have all snapped on it
parroting it form their trailer parks
waving flags in the Budweiser debris
it’s the 4th of July


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