Everybody lives in their time
precisely and in no other
they might desire
to have been born into another
even go so far as to say
too late they came into this world
I do not feel as them
my years have been the right ones
a kindergarten fueled by Star Wars
Halloween trick or treating
after the sun had set
a nation reeling in post-Watergate
conspiracy paranoia
Bigfoots prowled the forests
UFOs patrolled our skies
psychics ran rampant
no spoon was saved
their bending ways
past life regressions
pleased those who needed
to have lived in another time
yes, even they got their way
a dream fulfilled
in many respects
it was a minefield of idiots
but, I don’t think
dangerous idiots like now
of the anti-vaxxxer
climate change denier sort
I’ll take a glowing finger up the ass any day
over one of these bitches intent on bringing back the Plague
but let’s move on
my time is winding down
not there’s no one who ain’t older
but the hill’s been crested
I made it
razor-bladed apple didn’t get me
toxic Tylenol didn’t get me
Hillside Strangler didn’t get me
should I come across as over-pleased
don’t think of me that way
much like everyone else
I had my Fosters and Hinkleys
my moon landings and Challengers
and here I am
41 down
41 more’d be okay
but I’m not expecting it
or counting on it
so it’s not bad
whatever I get
because the time has been right
if not exactly on my side


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