The Tao of Poo

The kid won’t let me shit
screaming in his cage
as Spic dragsters
race Jap machines
in first
unable to up shift
I spray
like an unholy inverted fountain
mocking all the angels
to the whirrs of strained
engine harmonics
and the squalls of neglected
infant histrionics
I attempt the reconciliation
of intellectual nihilism
with my evolutionary heritage
caring in the face
of a time-bomb sun
expanding to wipe mankind’s ass
clean from art and lit
like a Scott tissue swiped
up Topanga canyon
over hemorrhoids
a bloodletting burnnn…
until the universe
grows a cold, kind
heat death
after all the world’s
love goes stagnant
like a sad Martian river
hosting the last
of us bobbing
alien inner-tubers
up E.T. shit creek


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