Blown Away

Two balloons
baby blue and yellow
the size of blood oranges
scuttle towards me down
the concrete slab sidewalk
they jerk and twitch
DT stricken
baby blue dips behind
a black
inverted “U”
bicycle hitch
wobbles precariously
along the red kerbing
sensibly not parking
nearly tumbles into the gutter
then gets caught in the backdraft
of a general services truck
flips into the air
executes a triple somersault
double twist and plants itself
two feet to my right
yellow has made it too
staked under the table
on my left
I feel hunted
they are only balloons
partially deflated
but in their hearts they still hold
the breath of life
a man’s breath – meat rot
and tooth decay
I am prey
trapped easily
between two divisions of killers
ready to snap shut
on my location
I’m a dead man
passersby in cars
gawk at me
smell my fear
truth is in their eyes
I am a dead man
a couple fucking balloons
broke free from a child’s backyard party
have me
they have got me
where the smokes, drinks, freeways did not
I make my peace
close my eyes
enjoy the last caress
of California’s warm
desert driven winds
winds, winds, winds
open my eyes
baby blue and yellow
twirl away
round and round
one another – a double helix
traced through space
into the street
where the light is green
and the 720 rapid express
knocks the wind out of them
and drags their deflated
wrinkled remains away
now all I have to worry me is the pigeon
parked asshole out over the roofs edge
directly above my head


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2 Responses to “Blown Away”

  1. Chagall Says:

    great rhythm and pacing and whimsy – enjoyed it – :) —–Chagall p.s. don’t look up!

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