Today’s Latest Defect

A face like motel lobby carpet welcomes me
in the toothpaste spattered mirror
worn and threadbare
unraveling in acid-ingested swirls of busted blood vessels and acne
The sputtered remains of dental froth overlays my face
and joins the tapestry of zits and ruptured capillaries
like pecker tracks on a cheap whore’s corpse
brings me to today’s latest defect:
puss-colored snips of fishing line
seeping out of my skin
rusted tweezers grip and yank
two inch bits of me
right out of me
straight from my face
I don’t know what they are
but I know I don’t want them
They wriggle on the tweezers’ end
attempting escape like little severed limbs
full of life and itchy memory
they drop into the sink
and fight each other… five of them in battle
entwined, they whimper and squeak
and plead, “Father why?” as one by one they are vanquished
until the victor emerges
I commend him on a battle well fought
and eat him with trout and eggs for breakfast.
He tastes of me.


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