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Stink Grief

August 31, 2013

aromatic destruction
in the aftermath
of a passing odor
a whiff of what was
the past reborn in a scent
in a sense
incense of days forgotten
jerked back to life
lost romance
obscured time
nasally renewed, horrifically
for a moment
briefly distraught
a flash of mourning
a blast of grief
spritzed from the perfume bottle
bulb squeezed like yesteryear’s balls
erupting miserably into the present
a Krakatoan scream
under a hazy red-orange sky
the long dark nuclear winter
of our discontent
brought on by the insensitive stink of others



August 29, 2013

It can’t work to do
film, photos, audio records
nothing can preserve history
from the discrete yet relentless
erosion of second after second
we like to think our arts and works
have done to keep our pasts pickled
but for all the canny efforts
microbes seep in
fermentation flusters memory
decay of yesterday
weakening of signal
a picture here, a reel there
through indifference, carelessness, neglect
through censorship, vandalism, war
each loss permanent
until eventually a decade is gone
known only by reproductions
a period piece shot sixty spins around the sun later
cheap forgeries
illuminated copies
of a dyslexic scribe
until after 200 years, 800, a thousand-five
our 1990s look as out of sorts
from the vantage of the future
as they did in 50’s sci-fi
the present holds no hope for holding time
no matter the present
no matter the hold
no matter the time
and definitely, absolutely without doubt
no matter the hope


August 27, 2013

You captured your man
then surrendered to him
the way of the warrior
is rope and chloroform
come for the southern fried chicken
stay for the weekend of rape
unwilling after the fact
massage, bondage, photography
and oral sex but no more
vagina is to Kolob pledged
to heaven eternal love bound … maybe …
for the hounds dig you up trouble
whether one or five
for the one who died
the many resurrected
born again
from the Lord denied
to fetch bottled pop
from the hotel mini-bar
passion is a stooge’s poke to a divine eye
obsession is theft from God’s holy store
stealing souls
robbing dogs
you didn’t know it
but put a stiletto heel to his back
face down, down on the ground
even Joseph Smith submits
as he commences to howl
carnation stuck in his nose

Phrenological Bumps in the Night

August 25, 2013

Thrashing orange limbs concealed beneath
above the procession content and serene
smoothly over placid waters
under the thundering bridge
roar, thud, vroom, ka-chunk
blind to the tranquility below
so slow
invisible to the rush
to work, to school
to industry, foundry, factory, drudgery
crime and fire fighting
death robbing, life giving
the cheer, the cry, the children
so unlike calm ducks in a row
their labors unseen under stream
if I could attain it
I would claim it
peace is an appearance
war and toil our existence
life is tallied in bodies and hours
both accounted for into ledgers
mapped onto actuarial tables
until they know you
or a type of you
for to them you’re a kind
computed and quantified
predictable and absolutely knowable
not a mystery at all
under the skull
as sure and true to measure
as the bumps on your head
a novel written in braille
they feel their way into you
divest you of what’s still
disturb that obscuring surface
erase the illusion of you and your will
the life, the you that is you
and you never know
clutching the delusion
your mind is your own
as if you never dream

…and brave it will not be

August 23, 2013

as public funds drain away
and educators are scapegoated
as old halls of learning chain-lock their doors
and charters and shareholders swoop in to reopen
as short term budget solutions are sought
and social safety nets are the answer
as racially biased laws are enforced unequally
and criminal populations explode
prisons will be the new schools
as industry and infrastructure crumble
and more lives plunge into desperate ruin
as inner cities either gentrify or die
and the jobs of the unskilled are outsourced
as overseas labor is made ripe to plunder
and the right to work state rules at home
as deregulation trashes markets
and the lowest possible wages are paid
prisons will be the new employers
as banks destabilize housing
and force once former owners to be renters
as a new landed class of lords rises
and private armies protect their holdings
as unionized insurrectionists are put down
and guns become the tool to break solidarity
as the streets flood with the homeless
and the homeless are made illegal
prisons will be the new homes
as agriculture moves behind razor wire topped walls
and the elite hide behind still more razor wire topped walls
as the poor are deemed too dangerous to educate
as the rich grow more fearful
as their militias grow and outgrow them
as warlords usurp the power of wealth by the power of force
and fealty is deemed currency
prisons will be the new world


August 21, 2013

Murder to a nation is an ant
step on it
it dies
Murder to a nation is a beehive
whack it from the tree
miniature genocide
Murder to a Christian nation
is Christ on His cross
what’s done is done
the fucker’s lost
murder to a murderer
is a job that is done
less or more
make nothing of it
it makes nothing of you
either tool or anti-tool
the state makes a use of you
feel free all you want
like cock and cunt
free to rape and be raped
that’s all
breed, die, live, pledge virginity to the Lord
your decision
make of it as you will
if you believe you’ve got one


August 19, 2013

Settling into routine
like a roadside condom, withered, worn
or shoes strung over a power line
another common sight along the interstates
a travel plaza exit with nowhere to go
the same again
cut-off from the world
except the way forward
fat-hung, backwards ball caps
colorfully bad tattoos on thick calves
waddling from SUV to Pretzel Hut
to shitter, to Startime Coffee
to another lousy break
away from the inevitable breakdown
from culture shock to the system
my stupid fucking country, USA
unable to settle
on edge, the danger of TV
of all the misbehaving celebrity
the missing blonde women
naughty politicians
and whistle blowers blowing like phantom fans
whirring around
blades slicing air
windmills that tilt at windmills
they are bumpers in pinball
ricocheting me away
as I sift, search, desire, cream
for rut and routine
for an easy bake oven dream
starshine and cookie bars
rubber draped over wire
sneakers in the gutter
any way shown
I’ll take not to go home


August 17, 2013

if you float, worry
not about sinking
not about the drift
worry not like the jellyfish
but if it comes to be
like the jelly spread upon toast
then fret as if you’ve never before
when directed
when smoothed
leveled and soothed
at comfort
on a bed
of bread or river of ease
in that time scream, kick
spit up sick
thrash and writhe
come alive inside
never let them see you die
it’s easy
if you will it
softly, regretfully
in remembrance
your life is not as it was
for the most
there’s no way to prove
you ever even existed
let alone did any of what you claim
so why not shut up
let it be if it will be
there’s nothing here to see
when the molasses runs thick, congealed
should it move thin
come quick
as the lash to the disobedient
to the comfortable
misdirected, hungry
feel the danger of dying close
in it
you’ll float

The Wrong Time

August 15, 2013

I can never seem to get the timing right
days too many
hours too few
nights a rushing wind black and blurred
tumbling down river banks after mushrooms
toward whirling waters
bruises and fractures
spilled blood and pain killers
songs sung of mermaids and broken men as shots pour
beer as spilled as blood
falls over the edge
dampening legs
unsteady eyes in flashing light time
onto pre-dawn streets
emptier by the year
less another mother’s son, a beloved daughter
cancers, concussions, hangings, overdoses
motorcycles gone flip-roaring burning
end over end and to it
but you’d hardly ever notice as the past distances
except in the corner of your eye
where there isn’t anything there
save the wrong time again
worn on the wrist like a liver
on the sleeve

Desert Gods

August 13, 2013

Dried up
lifeless husks spreading
dead monoculture into lands of plenty
of fertility and diversity
to destroy and diminish the flourishing bounty
what once was other people, other ways
now gone
anathema to the dust devil lords
Allah, Jehovah, Jesus Christ
nasty old plagiarized things
ripped and raped from the legends of others
to murder, enslave and humble
still more others
reborn in endless blood and war
slaughter of ideological fury
a mania of faith like a rat borne plague
parasitical carriers of submission
frightened and cowed by the One
they profess to obediently love
madly spurred on to do the bidding of a magic man
who holds the keys
to the gates
of the kingdom
of paradise
to assure loyalty in His slaves
from desiccated waste they swarm
hard-headed in denial
it is naught but desiccated waste they deliver
unto believer and non-believer alike
all is calamity, ruin
all is foaming mouth mongrel senseless aggression
knee jerk jaws snapping damnation
upon the cross
at the wall
bowed eastward
it’s all, as the kids say,
“Same shit, different day,”
same shit end of days
Armageddon cults’ victory, finally at hand
maidenhead-worship warriors of rape and redemption
the heavenly dream of their sterile deity has come
praise Him and give thanks
I hear He delights in the scent of roasting flesh
choose your fires wisely