Glass Trap

I am a parrot speaking my trained words
frustration endless in this mute illiteracy
but still
it can be better to lack understanding
for comprehension to rot in a ditch
like the pages of a vodka damaged
Polish to English to Polish dictionary
what hope is there
when Die Hard becomes Glass Trap
an isolation in translation
a word void, word gap
an outpouring of meaning
in this sense:
to outpour is to drain, to empty
to be left holding a hollow vessel
I am not a parrot
I am a dog
A domesticated beast reliant on masters for survival
expectant eyes
waiting for what’s next
without any say as to what it may be
I can bark, and that bark
can be heard
but to an end
toward a desire
my bark is purposeless
and that is difficult to maintain
when meaning flows down the word drain
drained of words: purpose
Purpose and meaning lost in translation
invisible in translation
faded, mimeographed, smudged
illegible, unintelligible
unintelligent is the judgment
judged by speech
lack of it, of sense
what can anyone do in the face of such gross wanting
such vulgar idiocy
pat it on the head
feed it a cracker
SQUAWK! dzien dobry SQUAWK!
and place it in a glass trap


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