if you float, worry
not about sinking
not about the drift
worry not like the jellyfish
but if it comes to be
like the jelly spread upon toast
then fret as if you’ve never before
when directed
when smoothed
leveled and soothed
at comfort
on a bed
of bread or river of ease
in that time scream, kick
spit up sick
thrash and writhe
come alive inside
never let them see you die
it’s easy
if you will it
softly, regretfully
in remembrance
your life is not as it was
for the most
there’s no way to prove
you ever even existed
let alone did any of what you claim
so why not shut up
let it be if it will be
there’s nothing here to see
when the molasses runs thick, congealed
should it move thin
come quick
as the lash to the disobedient
to the comfortable
misdirected, hungry
feel the danger of dying close
in it
you’ll float


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