Settling into routine
like a roadside condom, withered, worn
or shoes strung over a power line
another common sight along the interstates
a travel plaza exit with nowhere to go
the same again
cut-off from the world
except the way forward
fat-hung, backwards ball caps
colorfully bad tattoos on thick calves
waddling from SUV to Pretzel Hut
to shitter, to Startime Coffee
to another lousy break
away from the inevitable breakdown
from culture shock to the system
my stupid fucking country, USA
unable to settle
on edge, the danger of TV
of all the misbehaving celebrity
the missing blonde women
naughty politicians
and whistle blowers blowing like phantom fans
whirring around
blades slicing air
windmills that tilt at windmills
they are bumpers in pinball
ricocheting me away
as I sift, search, desire, cream
for rut and routine
for an easy bake oven dream
starshine and cookie bars
rubber draped over wire
sneakers in the gutter
any way shown
I’ll take not to go home


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