…and brave it will not be

as public funds drain away
and educators are scapegoated
as old halls of learning chain-lock their doors
and charters and shareholders swoop in to reopen
as short term budget solutions are sought
and social safety nets are the answer
as racially biased laws are enforced unequally
and criminal populations explode
prisons will be the new schools
as industry and infrastructure crumble
and more lives plunge into desperate ruin
as inner cities either gentrify or die
and the jobs of the unskilled are outsourced
as overseas labor is made ripe to plunder
and the right to work state rules at home
as deregulation trashes markets
and the lowest possible wages are paid
prisons will be the new employers
as banks destabilize housing
and force once former owners to be renters
as a new landed class of lords rises
and private armies protect their holdings
as unionized insurrectionists are put down
and guns become the tool to break solidarity
as the streets flood with the homeless
and the homeless are made illegal
prisons will be the new homes
as agriculture moves behind razor wire topped walls
and the elite hide behind still more razor wire topped walls
as the poor are deemed too dangerous to educate
as the rich grow more fearful
as their militias grow and outgrow them
as warlords usurp the power of wealth by the power of force
and fealty is deemed currency
prisons will be the new world


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