You captured your man
then surrendered to him
the way of the warrior
is rope and chloroform
come for the southern fried chicken
stay for the weekend of rape
unwilling after the fact
massage, bondage, photography
and oral sex but no more
vagina is to Kolob pledged
to heaven eternal love bound … maybe …
for the hounds dig you up trouble
whether one or five
for the one who died
the many resurrected
born again
from the Lord denied
to fetch bottled pop
from the hotel mini-bar
passion is a stooge’s poke to a divine eye
obsession is theft from God’s holy store
stealing souls
robbing dogs
you didn’t know it
but put a stiletto heel to his back
face down, down on the ground
even Joseph Smith submits
as he commences to howl
carnation stuck in his nose


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One Response to “Joyce”

  1. michaelalexanderchaney Says:

    Woah, that final image floored me too. Forcefully vivid.

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