Lover, Punisher, Destroyer

prophesy breeds policy
specific interpretations, biased
a zealot’s foundation
for a future
raised on fleeting religious ephemera
he teases meaning
out of biblical Tea leaves
unable to love
he imagines god’s love
unable to take pleasure in life
he pleads for pleasure after life
unable to tolerate the joy of others
he fantasizes for them a hell
his hateful convictions
of his fellow creatures
demands a sentence…
torments everlasting and exquisite
unable to punish
he dreams of a punisher
a place of perishment for his enemies
who are, conveniently as always,
enemies the same as his lords’
a powerful master
forever stooping to do the bidding of His slaves
to fulfill their wishes
their prophetic wrath
unable to destroy
he makes a hero of a destroyer
and prays for the end
his is unable to bring to his own neck


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2 Responses to “Lover, Punisher, Destroyer”

  1. irisoniris Says:

    You had me at “a future raised on fleeting religious ephemera”, but then it snowballs from there with power, potency and bold expression of opinion. The maturity of your faith (that you can make these comments and still find your way through vivid imagery) is unmistakable, and I am now a fan.

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