in cases of sweetest entrapment
the undercover pig lets you fuck her first
all fireworks and earthquakes
she gasps for breath, trembles
holds you tight
confesses both her love
and her crime
which was loving you, she sighs
but also, and this surprises
since the act was done
the handcuffs embrace your wrists
with a click
that sounds like a parting kiss
under arrest
for solicitation
you have the right to remain silent
until you cry in passion
your crime growing greater
within her womb
your child
within her cell
trapped in a love cage
singing canary
songs of bitter lust
here sooie, sooie, sooie
woo pig sooie!
chanting until your release
on parole
nowhere to go
no place to call home
or a child of your own
so you call nine-one-one
dialing it with your tongue
because that’s how you make the police come


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