Festering Entropy

mold takes hold
blue and green
decay in the grey-white cheese
my mind grows
naught now but rotting holes
painful abscesses where once was I
lapses in the continuity of myself lie
my memory – forgetfulness
of places, times, people
scattered order
as if the past
is lottery balls
popcorn ping-ponging in the machine
a random jumble
of bad luck, guesses and misplaced dreams
slowly, who we are
is not us
and it gets so bad
we can’t recall properly
if we were dead before we were born
or born before we’re dead
years are meaningless
prone to rearrangement
dropping out completely
falling into
one of these great flowering abysses
where identity used to dwell
until like a dark singularity
we are a void
born in the demise of a star
a big bright beautiful star
inescapably collapsed
lost to all but the distance
where its fires can still burn


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