Cable Package

north winds garbage blow
sucking debris down southbound stream
red neck blossoms plucked and pruned
florally arranged, thorns removed
pretty vase displays on the box shown
airwave static roars
heaps of wreckage cultural soar
new dawns for wasted antiquity
across the east sun-rising sky
predatory opportunists tuning in
clockwise circles spiral descending
carrion feeders supping Honey
lick Dynastic lips cracked, chapped
fresh self-blood on the tongue
bitten red to sing its poisons
running thicker than water into Swamp
non-metaphorical muck raked and appraised
leave no least common denominator unturned
brought to the top, over the line every time
profits few, bankrupts to the call
screeched round and round on the way down
a national treasure of fools
saddled to its back, reins in hand like a TV clicker
surfing the vulture broken on the beach


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