Behind armed forces
hide cowards
who worship monsters as heros
mistake shields for valor
and pledge allegiance
to the very blood-soaked banner
to suffocate them of their lives

Weapons are their beloved
to threats of violence they are betrothed
power through posturing
that’s how a man makes of himself a man

When they perceive,
rightly or wrongly,
that the hostility of their murderous nation
turns inward upon them
they rail and wail
horribly against it
squealing piggies caught
in traps they done set themselves

To the gaoler they’ve granted the keys
locked themselves inside at their leisure
sit comfortable at keyboards screaming
into digital space they lodge their complaints
oppressed white males
howling mad at moon-cast shadows
phantoms out to thieve
from the last warehouse of liberty
where brave soldiers sip
at the big public tit


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