Brown Stain of Sin

cleanliness is next to Godliness
but trespasses do not wipe away
forgiveness stems from Jesus
His sacrifice upon the cross
beaten brutally
muscle and skin flayed to bone
speared, crowned in thorns
and hung out to dry
thirsty, hungry, burned
under a hot desert sun
the old god
scorching the New
the usurper Son
who escapes the rays
by a descent into hell
eventually, after not too long for him
since a hundred years is but a blink of the eye
three days is no sweat, really
He comes back better than ever
resurrected like new
if He was a used car
He’d be like the one
driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady
you’d buy Him
probably feel uncomfortable
come down & dirty backseat time
but don’t forget the cleanliness
Jesus is there to shine good Godly graces on filth
it’s true
why do you think He came back
to save humanity
to purify the human race
wash our sins away in His gore
like a bloody bidet
toilet paper for heathens
pray away the dingleberries
pray away the brown stain


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