Seized by Days

Never seize the day
to do so is to restrict it
keep it from moving
when you choose to carpe diem
you imprison the day
arrest it in its development

Prevented from fulfillment
the days stagnate
become islands of trash
collected on still sea waters
all progress is halted
because you
in your fear
in your selfishness
refuse to release the days to flourish
to grow
to become more
than stale crackers in the pantry

The day is not your slave
the day is not yours to order and command
it belongs to everyone
but you
vainly and meanly
would deign to stick it in a box
package it and wrap it
stick on a gift tag to yourself

To make of the day a personal possession
is the peak of tragedy
as your days slip by
the ones once seized become liabilities
too many days to hold onto
the weight of them crushes you down
smashes you to the ground
presses you deeper into it
until you are buried
buried by accumulative days
beneath this pressure you cannot move
the days have their revenge, finally
seizing you


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