Rinse and Repeat

We are gods
each of us
trapped in our solipsistic dreaming
lone knives
incising a surgical course through life
as many worlds as there are people
tight bubbles contained
bumping and bobbing in the frothy surf
making our tiny tide pool decisions
alone in our microcosm
others drift past
pissing their own legacy into snowdrifts
but forget them
you are the only thing that is real
all differing realities part, collapse and fade
as you machete your way through the jungle
slashing dense foliage
stamping down earth
shaping all that is and ever will be
putty in your hands
Adam in your hands
a paradise created
a paradise lost – no –
a paradise destroyed
on a fruity whim
apples, cocks and quim
blame the bitch for your failings
it’s all right
the universe is yours
to do with and make excuses
as you please
for you are god
and the world and what you make of it
are yours and yours alone
you’re trapped with it
to keep, to have, to hold, to own
it’s yours, god
your fucked up world
treasure this foul vanity of the selfish mind
wallow in what you’ve made
clay turned to shit
options are out
no wise decisions come
out of directions except one
rinse and repeat


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