Outgrown Life

You don’t want to be larger than life
constantly stooping down to live it
on your knees before life
like some monstrous beggar
the key is to outgrow it
leave it behind
like a childhood toy
or childhood itself
leave it behind like old friends
old lovers, old wives
abandon life like a pet
when you move out of state
disown it like a son
who refuses to accept Christ

Life is a constraining suit
that gives you no allowance to eat your fill
it splits at the seams
rises over the gut
gives no slack at the waistband
life will not let you live
its laws too restrictive
best just to piss it away
hit it with a deluge where it lies
wash it over the curb into the gutter
down the sewer drain
and out to sea
with a million cigarette butts
and 27,000 wasted days
let the fish choke on it
you’ve outgrown whatever it was
it was supposed to be


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