Hidden Life

You don’t want to be larger than life
constantly conspicuous, looming over it
casting long shadows over others
like some monstrous hell-bent ogre
the key is to not be seen
to get smaller than life
to hide from it in the shadows of others
skitter along the wall skirting
slip into holes unseen
creep out of sight
like a thief all in black
latch onto life’s underbelly like a flea
out of reach of paw and claw
supping what you will
where you will

Insinuate yourself invisibly into every crack and corner
poured in like mortar between the bricks
but indistinguishable from the wall
building higher and higher
until you are hidden high above it
no face and every face
and all those who can’t see you
do not know
their labors are yours
to your benefit, in your honor
they piss their lives away
in a vast deluge tribute to you
of a million wasted days
spent humble in cheap suits
on knees before God
in aimless serial marriages
and you are too small to see
ensconced so deep within the machine
you are the machine
but even if they could see it
it wouldn’t matter
you’d still be safe because they believe
it was supposed to be


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