The Blame

When the walls disintegrate
and the ceiling falls in
when the knees begin to bleed
and miles remain to crawl
when all is raw disillusionment
and the wounds refuse to heal
that’s when life truly begins
and what a crime it is
how many people have never lived
their home, their health, their job
tidy and secure
in isolation
ears stuffed up with cotton and string
steering blindly clear of reality
crashing headlong into scapegoats

They are people
who must be given their problems
troubles granted to them by the brave loud howlers
of TV news, radio and net

Consumed by the first world concerns
of welfare fraud and gun control
of high tax rates and wars abroad
driven mad by it
they spit, curse, sneer and scream
their lips are crusted in white sputum rage
their eyes strain from the sockets like dogs
at the furthest reach of the leash
one day their faces will be volcanoes
blow molten blood
straight into the face of the fascist opposition

They are brought to fits by their comfort
luxuries unimaginable half a century ago
deliver them to misery

Reclined right there in the easy chair
the cause of their grief and failures
is put before them
slipped out of the television
like a plateful of meat into a tiger cage
the blame lies with those
who have come to the time
when life truly begins
when the knees disintegrate
and the miles fall in
when all is a raw crawl
and disillusionment refuses to bleed


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