Visionary Fall-Out

Insularity of vision
foments ignorance
volcanic upheavals of arrogance
it is a pressure cooker
a hundred atmospheres compressing the blood
the weight of the world wobbling on their shoulders
venting impotent puffs of angry steam
with their eyes shut tight
they grope blindly in the dark
always finding they stumble
into the willful wilds of the mind of God
from this savage Eden
condemnations thunder
perfect storm clouds of perfect hate
a rain of driven nails
stabbing hard from Heaven’s heart their enemies to the cross
against this terror of sightlessness
an umbrella is needed
a shield of education, world travel
broad and wide access
to the viewpoints and minds of a million others
opens the pro-social roads
closed to anti-social conservative thought
the vile ideology of individuality
that keeps brother from helping brother
and sets sister against sister
in a selfish pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps world
compassion is anathema
the drowning man should be let to drown
the weak, infirm and crippled crushed
by the strong, healthy and able
and which you are, happen to be,
all depends on the time and the breaks
the wise, wide and open know this
the others – the blinkered, narrow and shut
pay the architects of their oppression
get caught in the fall-out of their own beliefs
left there, radioactive, to suffer
they turn to the enemy, begging
specially pleading
how despite the need for a hand out
they are not one of the mooches, the parasites, the takers
of all the people
they deserve assistance
after all, they’ve given so much themselves


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