Vote G.O.P.

What could explain
a political party defined
by their condemnation of the needy?

When their membership chastises the poor and homeless
for a failure of banks
and a housing market collapse;
When the party adherents
blame women for rape
and non-whites for welfare;
When these Republican cunts
praise the corporation
and shit on regulation;
How is it
that many of those most effected by their policies
defend them the most?

What cynical game do they play casting an unarmed black teen as villain
and George Zimmerman,
armed neighborhood vigilante, the hero?

Is it all an act this:
their descent into paranoia, conspiracy,
biblical literacy?

Do they play the long con:
an extended telling, retelling and re-retelling
of the Big Lie?

A pyramid inverted
the narrow 1% at the tip, making the base
(and how the Grand Old Party loves their elite base
as George W. once said, “Some people call you the elite;
I call you my base.”)
those noble “job creators”
who by their decent hardworking nature
support the heavy burden of all the laboring class leeches
the public sector mooches,
teetering overhead, ready to fall

How long can power maintain deception
by deliberate obfuscation and sleight of hand?

Nothing up my sleeve
if you’ll look here…
ignore the offshore bank accounts
the wealth hording
and avaricious short-sighted depletion of natural resources
ignore that and looksie over here…
Oh No! It’s –
They’re stealing from hard workers;
taking government handouts…

Why should they eat when they own phones and televisions?

And don’t forget about the gays,
the abortions, the atheists…

Will you stand by and allow
all these liberals to mock God’s law?

Answer me that,
God-fearing man.

Remember BENGHAZI!!!11!
Vote for the GOP
Take a stand for anti-humanitarian humanity
Vote GOP!!!


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