The SyFy Channel Sucks

the international conference of ninjas
is set to take place in Los Angeles
on their way from all over the world
but mostly from Japan and greater Asia
for obvious reasons
are all the world’s ninjas
aboard a fabulous luxury liner
in tow is a cargo ship
loaded with traditional weapons of the art
shurikens, kitanas… shit like that
but mostly shurikens
throwing stars
now here is where two things happen
on the cruise ship
a horrible contagion gets passed
from sushi to passengers
even the teriyaki’s got it
everybody gets sick
as the second thing swings in
which is a massive storm
the largest, most severe hurricane ever known
swelling up a towering tsunami
the ship is tossed
Poseidon is angry
twisters abound
ill ninjas go bananas
turn into berserker zombies
but with all their skills
stealth, combat, reflexes
all this shit
ninjas and knives
get sucked up in the clouds
and rain in chaos upon the city
deadly metal
lethal assassins hungry for flesh
high speed winds – terrified victims
murder, mayhem
totally random shrapnel slaughter and cannibalism
it’s gonna be great
and we’re going to call it – ¬you’ll love this…
unless you prefer Shurikanami – that’d be fine too
So what do you think?
Green light?


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