Fool Proof

Saturation levels will be achieved
by a subject’s early teens
commencing full-spread inundation
before the age of eight
is recommended
if the goal is to adjust the mind
to the message
prior to the subject’s understanding
of persuasive intent
taking these measure help to complicate
a given subject’s definitions
of complex social constructs such as
rape, slavery, murder and consent
when legal concepts are blurred
by preconditioned prejudices
victims may be popularly construed as willing
as asking for it
subject’s will se certain futures as inevitable
acceptance under the duress of social expectations
reduces instances of lawsuits against the state
and the states preferred citizens and entities
if done properly
the privileged will know their place
at roughly the same chronological age
as their lesser comprehend theirs
and tell themselves
this is the way it has always been
wealth, skin color, sex and sexual orientation
will be the strongest signifiers
of a subject’s self-worth
assisting them in seeing themselves
approximately how others see them
media perpetuation of signifier hierarchies
is how continuance of peaceful control
shall be guaranteed
again, it cannot be stressed enough
the importance of an early start
getting a jump
on critical thinking and skepticism now
could save your nation the cost
of crowd control, protest, labor stoppages,
insurrection and revolution later
the methods and tools are not guaranteed
and in no way foolproof
but used wisely and prodigiously
are guaranteed to produce fools


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