Access Contained

People need to be told what to know
too much freedom
of information
is detrimental to an open mind
a well-rounded person
will never result
from cherry-picked internet searches
digging up data
that agrees with prejudices
pre-conceived beliefs and ideals
in that way lays danger
communities of homogeneity
refusing to visualize beyond their nose
the horizon contracts and narrows, gets nearer
they will trap themselves
enslave being
cage possibility and potentiality
to live a blinkered, sequestered life
contained by assumptions
we become small
we become categorizable
filed into labeled cabinets
a willfully crafted prison of similarities
where different opinions are the key
which can never be wrested from the jailer
it’s a place
to where all the clipped birds flock
and sing
the same song
on endless repeat
a record skipping
to the syncopated beat of a million idiot drummers


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