Grows a Lily

a severe meander
far off the desired course
a path hewn by time
for a hundred years
the river works at keeping you in the loop
the waters before and after
but the struggle erodes forwards
the swing cannot maintain
walls crumble
a swift new way is cut
and they’re you’re left – lost
no flow of sustenance – alone
a backwater – forgotten
as mighty currents seawards surge
past you
ignorant of you
ignorant of past
your place in it
their place in you
onwards they rush
white raging foam
over polishing rocks
under collapsing banks
whirlpools, eddies, life in the depths
sleek muscles armored in scale
consuming, spawning, being consumed
away from the war
slowly sediments accumulate
oxbow to marsh
marsh to field
field to forest
somewhere in it
grows a lily atop you


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