Put it in your heart and hold it there until it stinks
let it rot, fester and mold
dwell on yesterday
let it obsess you
become you
stuff it in your soul and keep it until it decays
let muck and humus fill your lungs
stick on the past
like cloth to gangrenous limbs
eat a slurry of shit
let it become you
pass through your system
mark your breath, being
be the horrors of history
unleash it to your bloodstream
let it course through you
be you
being – heart, soul
the things you are not
let it stain you
let it reign you
let it keep you fastened, tied, restrained
bound to your credulous heritage
your gullible ancestry
all those learned things
you learned about yourself
wash in it
until you’re not half the man you used to be
when it was yesterday
like you wish it could be


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