Welfare Media Queens

In the government office
you film them queueing
those in the welfare line
it’s a special report
designed to give aneurysms
to conservatives
veins bulge, throb, faces redden
the sight of the freeloaders
the subhuman mongrels
always in line, always waiting for the handout
moochers, parasites, grifters…
follow them into overcrowded apartments
walk your cameras down ghetto roads
come and video them in their homes
see the children’s faces
catch them too
in the natural environment
see loved ones stuffed
with processed foods
canned beans and peas
boxed pastas and cereals
be the witness the people need
to see the underfed shuffle off to school
unhungerable to concentrate
unconcentrably hungry
locked in daily struggle
animals society leaves defenseless, recourseless
no land
no hunting ground
born here
expected to thrive here
endure here
do all the things it takes to live here
document that
fill your reels, tapes and memory sticks full of that
put it on the news
in papers and magazines
shout it from the corners
make it seen, make it heard
have a nonpolitical bias
have a non-corporate vision
have a heart
have a future
feed the pigs truth


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