a bundle of joy mutated
forty five to half fifty one
future destroyed and muscle too
lost where you live
a minotaur in the kitchen
flipping flapjacks
horns down
where will dining occur
under watchful radar
forever after is the way in the maze
death is no way out
pushing tiny pebbles up anthills
and down the same side again
too tired for more
baby maggots into the hole
hungry and alone
growing cold, crippled
loveless passages forlorn
the queen abides cautionless
sprouting eggs like mushrooms
in dung piles
another shitty metaphor for life
we put it in our bag of plastic
skip and dance
down windy roads
wee ants trying at life
muscularly declined
100 times body weight
reduced to zero
wheelchair, obsolescence
sound the alarm
fire trucks that never show
shows that never fire
eaten alive in the crawl
given good wishes
trying pleasing hopes
dying idiot lies
that’s me
in the dystrophic fire


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