Curiosity Kills the God

it goes back eons past
billions of years pre-God
to the single celled life
His perfect creation
dividing and thriving
thoughtless organisms
uncaring, unaware
autonomous horrors
creeping in dark waters
then… cooperation
ultimate corruption
blossoming, exploding
rapid growing sickness
millennia to years
bodies increase in size
new forms varied arise
blood is competition
vibrantly swelling sea
in spasming sex upheaved
kingdom animal came
as fall of man began
when the fish crawled to land
discovered a garden
ripe, ready to plunder
invertebrates cowered
‘fore onslaught chordata
forest, mountain, valley
pumped up with life gladly
spreading, waiting for man
to come, exclaim, “I am”
unforgiveable words
self-knowledge is the curse
do not seek to inquire
curiosity kills
that’s the way of His law
looking to get you caught
for the ultimate sin


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