Yard Sale Redemption

how did we go
from meager subsistence existence
to skyward towers topped by crossed spires
high vaulted nave ceilings, pipe organs
statuary and magnificent stained glass displays
glorifying God all-powerful…

When I look back
it all seems to have happened so heart-stoppingly fast
the past condensed to a blip
base animals dreaming gods
Jesus saves from mundanity
from the procession of endless small tasks
peeling carrots
painting fingernails
posting the advert for the lawn sale on the kiosk
people wanted more
enlightenment, salvation, inner peace
those things, those things
we must take all very seriously
the big important things
facing Mecca in twisted prayer
on our yoga mats of higher knowledge
it comes down to the old adage
you can’t take it with you
but do you know what else
you can’t take with you
you can’t take you with you
you die
you end
you leave it all behind
you, your carrot peels, nail trimmings
and all your shit you never could sell at the sale


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