brainless and repetitive
if it’s a job
people will squeal in grand indignation
it’s beneath them
beneath any human being worthy the name
comparisons to Sisyphus at his stone
fly out faster than spittle flecks of mad abuse
but for all that
they want it
lovers of predictability
for what is experience
if not having gone through it all before
cooking the same meals
driving the same route
drinking the same drink
in the same bar at the same time
tapping at the phone
playing the same game over and over again
on some level we want it
brainless and repetitive
the sex was good why not make it more of the same
Chrysler’s a reliable car, I’ll buy another one of those
that Fox Terrier was fun
let’s replace the dead one with a puppy
there’s really only so much to do
before, by necessity, it’s happening again
and each time an event repeats itself
it takes less thought to complete the task
yet still, you want to hear that song again
and to be sure the band or the DJ will play it
that’s how it goes – the same old song and dance
nobody seems much to mind
until it’s not a choice
like at tax time
or at work
well, fuck it
quit your job
watch everything else work itself out
life on the street’s
a new adventure everyday


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