Absolutely Me!

What world would you have
await the dead?

What of you would you choose
to live past your death?

What thoughts
personality traits
or physical aspects?

What of you
do you think
is a matter worth
preserving for all time?

What unique aspect?
What spark of individuality?

Is it an essence?
An idea?
An indefinable spark
that you think makes you
quantifiably you,
importantly you,
and separate from others?

Is it your smile?
Your smell?
Your sense of style?

Is it your grace?
Your genitals?
Your gift of gab?

What of you – in part or whole –
would you deem so indispensible
as to impose it necessarily
upon all eternity?

What cost would you pay
to keep it
alive… undying?

How much are you willing to beg?
To plead, to kneel, to pray?

What time out of this life you’re living
will you invest
in thought and deed
upon your dreams
of another?

What price, eternal life?


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