I’m Tired of This Shit

If you’re rich
your jokes will be laughed at
no matter how lousy
likewise, when famous
sycophants flock
stroking the otherwise
unredeeming cock
it’s true of politicians
as it was true
of the high school jock
an ego is not boosted
so much as exalted
risen high
thrust upward to greatness
they expect their idiocy
to be defended by loyal idiots
to be unconditionally loved
guffawing at their own wit
basking in toady adulation
disconnected from the sad fact
of their lowly intellect
onward they spout wisdom
fame, fortune – they are a star
and deserve their awesome pulpit
willing now to spill their soul
let me tell you about what I know
let me tell you about the negro
the perfect picture of perfect privilege
is just another white screaming “nigger”


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3 Responses to “I’m Tired of This Shit”

  1. Kip Says:

    Like that idiot in Nevada and that moron basketball team owner.

  2. jrbenjamin Says:

    Interesting — edgy, well done.

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