“It’s breath!” she said
arms out-stretched
“You have to know your space!”
her hands waved
sweeping in the immediate
world around her
which she was the center of
“I fond it so empowering!”
she said
taking the posture of one on the cross
then, purposefully
she strode across the street
got into a black Volvo
inserted an ear bud
tapped and swiped on the mobile
twisted the ignition
spun the SUV in a tight U
gassed past the ignored stop sign
took a wide right out beyond the bike lanes
where she met the 780 Rapid Express
limited stops
going east
operator hunched over the wheel
and entirely unsurprised
by the Swede machine
reaped like rye before the thresher
if pressed for a statement
I’d say the bus driver appeared empowered
that he knew his space
and that any breath
might not be followed by a next


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