You Puke What You Eat

When a phone was a phone
a home appliance affixed to the wall
set in a nook
or placed on a table,
and before online social networking
that was a time when
I had escaped
the backwards provincial bigots
but now it’s become to easy
for them and their opinions
to find me
once, I used to like them
upon a time, when I didn’t really know them
but now
it is too much
their thoughts, their beliefs
gullibly swallowing all the fact-free garbage they can eat
as they wallow in their vainglorious ignorance of reality
proudly their ideology leads them to refuse
basic scientific evidence
quoting Bryan Fischer on the right
Tetyana Obukhanych on the left
Alex Jones firing from both sides
moonbats to the left of me
wingnuts to the right
here I am stuck in the middle of derp
I was either born too late
or have lived too long
to tolerate
of their fucking retarded nonsense
at least I won’t be seeing them in Heaven
if I’m lucky
and they’re not


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