No Dream Child

my son of five years
has never featured in one of my dreams
I don’t want to think
there is a significance
but I can’t shake
the hunch
that this slumbering fact
holds a load of meaning
but I don’t know

under conditions such as these
do tend to arise
and I ask myself
does it diminish a father’s love
to not envisage
his own child’s face
as a player
in one of his dreams
that it would
is not something that I think
and I must confess
not as an excuse
that in my dreams
is no place for any child to be
the saturated violence
the sweeping perversions
too much almost for me to take
thus for now
I’ll accept the absence
of the most primary actor in my conscious
from my subconscious
as a desirable good
in accordance to that which
one would dare not dream


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