Last Call

Time obsesses me
when I’m someplace where there’s no clock
I am offended by the disregard
people say
I should wear a watch
but the straps of them
they grieve me
tugging the short hairs at my wrist
perhaps a pocket watch
would be to my liking
you might think
but you’d be wrong
my pockets are overly full
as it is
wallet, keys, smart phone
of which the latter
functions as a pocket watch
but I don’t like having to pull it out
turn it on
swipe the screen
get distracted by Instagram
so much effort and time wasted
to spy a few numbers
I won’t remember
and then have to check again
under a minute later
people laugh and cheer, oblivious
as it all goes winding down
they fail to realize the end is near
but not I
time persists to inflict its urgent passing
insists I observe its rapid going
pesters me daily
around the clock
until there is no round to go more
time of death: 1:30 antemeridian


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