The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant Versus the World

“Too much imagination,”
Casey Kasem lamented
“can kill a man.”
it was the moral to a story
a tale of a 1970’s Frankenstein
a yarn told about good doctors
who went astray
lost in the moral labyrinth of knowledge
they ate the forbidden fruit
which in this particular case
was sticking two heads on one body
and their world
caved-in, collapsing all around
killing them
their bicephalic rape-monster
and their imaginations
“at one fell swoop,”
as MacDuff might put it
victim himself of another’s imagined ambitions
and aren’t we all really just there now
all of us prey
to the twin Hell-kites
of irresponsible industrialization
and poorly regulated capitalism
those are the heads on our own
real-world rape-monster
it is quite a shame
imagination has taken us so far
a species that trod on the moon
dreamt dreams beyond our nearest star
but we let it kill us
why, oh, why did we not listen to Casey?
oh why, oh well
now on with our countdown


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