Beer Batter

purpose is bait
waiting for you to take it
titillating base desires
until it is all you see, think and dream
purpose is everywhere in everything
by it you are hooked
seeking its essence in all you do
it drives, directs, devours
courses through your decisions, your actions
without the tickle of its barbed steel
buried in the meat of your pleasures
you cannot extract enjoyment
purpose is the sine qua non of your existence
and the purpose must suit you
it must satisfy your hunger
your lust and greed
it is the means
a servant to your ends
as you are a servant to it
purpose is empty and insignificant
an opiate, as ephemeral and hollow as honor and chivalry
another cultural trick to bring misery
to bring war, death and grief
to pit sister against sister
nation against nation
purpose is the slayer of liberty
a tool to crush, belittle and oppress
a weapon to dispirit, endrunken and distress
it is inconsequential
it is without meaning
it is tired and threadbare
an ideal whose time has long past
yet still you insist on setting your watch by it
letting it snare you in, spur you on
clean, filet and fry you
because your purpose to me
is as a vehicle for beer batter


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