A Nice Guy

I’m there
I understand and get it
when I reach out to you
feel me, please, deeply
into you like love in wartime
I am open to you
a spread whore, free
a slut wanting, no
demanding it
needing you, receptive
dying for it
dying for you to get through to me

I’m there
to understand, to get you
a lover who wants no more than to love
love you like you deserve
to be held, caressed, cherished
worshipped like a goddess
a gilded-pussy messiah
who can save all of mankind
by baptism in your hot cunt
nail me to your body
let me hang on you
your every word
your every move
love me to pieces
and put me back together
reassemble me a new man
made in your image

I’m there
whatever you want me to be
love me to death
and raise me from the dead
resurrected for the good of your soul
the perfect man you need

I’m there
for you
waiting patiently
waiting for you to give yourself to me
waiting on your enlightenment
for you to see your salvation in me
to see me
truly as great as I am
as all you need
as your redemption from all
your bad choices

I’m there
finally, the nice guy you deserve
you stuck-up bitch


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